A Serene Functions
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Experience the difference at our a serene function venue in a quiet relaxed country estate situated in Rainham, Mt Hampden only 25km from Harare.

About us

The whole Cottage Valley venue is a photographic paradise. It is perfect place for hosting: 





Our Amenities

Relax in nature and serene environment enjoying. Spoil yourself with out amenities designed to make you experience the difference


The Gazebo Cafe offers a private indoor space for meals, coffees or drinks and can also be turned into a small group meetings venue for corporates and clubs.


The Dandaro outdoor seating offers unparalleled relaxation whilst enjoying the fresh air from the orchard of citrus and Tamarilo trees. At the end of the day you can relax and watch the beautiful sunset view with a sundowner drink of your choice in hand.

The inbuilt bonfire in The Dandaro ensures you enjoy a beautiful evening of stories with family and friends and have a choice of watching a night movie from the wireless projector screen provided.


The Pangolin (Dare) area provides a good secluded space for friends to relax undisturbed as well as small corporate groups to have their short sessions away from everyone.


Located at the western periphery of the Cottage, The Rockview as the name suggests, is a private area on granite rocks with a nicely designed sitting area where lovers and friends can enjoy a picnic lunch or just sit whilst relaxing and having a coffee or drink. There is an overhang high shade net to protect from the sun.

The guests can enjoy private catering whilst there. To cap it all the time at the Rockview comes with access to a powerful set of National Geographic professional binoculars to enable the guests to view the beautiful valley and the many types of birds that are found within the vicinity. The iconic Sam Levi house can be easily seen using these handy binoculars.


The plot provides an opportunity to experience nature guided by our dedicated and knowledgeable stuff who literally transformed that previously empty valley land into a well planned fruit orchard. They can take you around and show you the various fruit trees.

During certain seasons there is an opportunity to participate in picking up strawberries (as long as you do it whilst whistling 😂) or plucking off weeds and branches off trees.

The far western end of plot looks forgotten. However this is called The Forrest or Kusango. We left this in it’s natural bushy look unkempt but carefully planted a lot of indigenous trees eg Muzhanje, mupfuti, Mumvee, Nyii, mitsubvu and many more.

The plot also provides a chance for small groups of school children to tour the place and experience this environment whilst learning basic Agro lessons and play with nature..



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